Mindlock.Me - the personal website of Kevin C. Smith

Mindlock.Me is the personal website of
Kevin C. Smith.

Kevin started Mindlock Innovations in early 2005, Mindlock Innovations is a Web Design / Web Application Development company that focuses on building custom web applications to help small and large business owners better manage their online presence. Kevin started the company as a hobby, but it has since turned into a lifestyle and a full time career.

Mindlock.Me will also introduce you to the family of Kevin C. Smith. Kevin, Amber and Chloe have a variety of interest and hobbies that range from hiking, museums, art, technology, and local attractions. You can view photos from our family outings in the Photo Albums Section, some of our favorite dishes we can not remember how to cook with out this site in the Random Recipes Section, or random thoughts from Kevin in the Rambling Words Section.

We hope that you enjoy the site but incase you don't, clear your browsers history and never come back!

Mindlock.Me - Openminded!